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Students career day riddle (05.12.2022)

You can't always start with a zero they say, but to listen is not always wise,  
So start if you can, this journey with us, and the answer will slowly arise.  

Progress and skill take a certain time, so for each day in the week add one,  
And what once was a zero can become more, iteration is the key alone.    

Good, now you have something to work with, and maybe it's for the best,  
Take what you have, and go ahead, multiply with what comes next.  

Now look at the date, add the months, the days,  
divide it by 7 and see what, besides the whole, there stays.  
Good job so far, and good luck, we see that you're keen.  
And if this solution seems a bit odd, half of the answer you've seen.


From a call for improvement,
a list has emerged.

Read  the lines wisely,
where the words have converged.

airport alone average
acquire analyst amused
adjust above actual
access achieve