‎About me

Hi, I am Branimir Valentić

Quality Assurance Automation Developer with 4+ years of experience in QA, Automation and DevOps topics, I have experience working with Jenkins, GitlabCI, Docker and similar tools. I also have 7+ years of experience with GNU/Linux, Bash, IOT and interfacing input/output devices to embedded systems running Linux.

I am a big believer in an lifelong learning and personal development trough work on projects and knowledge sharing, with that in mind in 2012. I've co-founded #labOS hackerspace(hacklabos.org) based in Osijek and have worked there on numerous projects, one of which was "Python HTML5 canvas game web automation example using Selenium and OpenCV".

Besides that, I am an full time GNU/Linux user and my go-to languages are Python and Bash.

Feel free to connect on Github, LinkedIN
or via branimir@valentic.email

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